Thoughts on SigmaOS browser

Anji Beeravalli
1 min readJul 2, 2023


The feedback I shared with the creators.

I’m currently using Arc and I totally love the approach by the new-gen browsers — the full-screen (feels very much like native apps), sidebars, command bar, split screens, workspaces & others.

Today I re-tried using a browser called SigmaOS. Some time ago I signed up but did not use it. Today I got an email newsletter from which I learnt they are just a team of 5 (including 0.5 designer :)), I immediately wanted to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I came back to Arc after using it for a few minutes. Some observations:

  1. I loved the commands. It looks very powerful. The first one I tried was “Change search engine to Google”. That happened in a few keystrokes. I can imagine this command bar can soon be as powerful as “Raycast for web apps”.
  2. Now, the deal-breaker for me? I’m unable to use Gmail keyboard shortcuts when using Gmail. I did try getting into focus mode. But that did not work either.
  3. The choice of Cmd + k to fire the command bar needs to be rethought I guess. As some web apps (even WhatsApp web) already support the command bar using this short cut, and hence sigmaOS shortcut should not hinder the web-apps shortcut. I'm not sure if they already have an option to remap it.