Anji Beeravalli
Jul 12, 2023

I came across this time-tested simple framework used by successful movie scriptwriters 🎬, which can also be used in the startup world.

A-Chu-Vi-Cha (Telugu)

A = అనుభవించింది = Experienced

Chu = చూసింది = Seen/Observed

Vi = విన్నది = Heard

Cha = చదివినది = Read

Stories based on these four sources of inspiration are more likely to succeed than pure imagination.

Why? It may be because they carry a level of validation already.

This simple framework can also be applied to generate & validate startup ideas.

However, unlike a movie script, the middle two parts (Chu-Vi) are more important to validate the idea.

[Chu] Closely observe how users are currently solving the problem (or using your product)

[Vi] Constantly talk (listen) to your users